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 CRM and ERP strategic consulting

Microsoft Office CRM Enhanced Office Automation Solution


امکانات و قابلیت های نرم افزاری

Ticket Management

Product management and product grouping

Manage users and access levels

Manage online and offline payment

Cart, Pre-Invoice and Invoice Management for Customers

Customer Accounting Performance Report (Customer Balance Sheet)

Manage customer recharge accounts

Content Management Generate Site Pages

Manage a variety of menus

Manage homepage layers, product, articles, pages

Manage news and blog sites

Information integration with Microsoft CRM

Integrated with Enabling Accounting Software

file management

Gallery Management

View product list for purchase with parametric filtering

Manage Site Templates The ability to edit CSS HTML files and site layouts by ADMIN

Manage site settings

Manage basic site information such as ticketing, product grouping, etc.

Ability to display customer ratings in integrated site panel with MS CRM Calling customer information from CRM and display on site

Order tracking and rating by mobile client features

The Android and iOS mobile app is under development and will soon be available with the above features.

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