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about us

about us

The IT Enablers Unit, owned by Mr. Mojtaba Ahmadi, has been set up to provide the following services.

 Consulting, deployment and production of custom software for the web, especially Microsoft CRM software.

This trade union is under the supervision of Mashhad Computer Union.

Information Technology Enablers is one of the most popular and professional CRM service units in Iran. It professionally and professionally offers all services in this field from 0 to 100 according to world standards.

Managing this collection is Mr. Mojtaba Ahmadi, who began his professional career in 2006 after failing a CRM software development project.

*What caused the failure of the CRM project?

He developed software that had the most powerful analysis but had a technical flaw! And that was in marketing and sales software and customer service with custom software management styles required, not static software!

Therefore, with a great deal of research inside and outside Iran, especially the software of large companies such as Oracle, SAP and Microsoft, they have achieved favorable results for the future of Iran and the world market.

The expansion of empowerment services within Iran has been to provide services to various Iranian cities such as Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Shiraz, Karaj, Kashan and Qom and others.

It also provides specialized services internationally to countries such as the United States, Norway, Brazil, the Netherlands and Ukraine.

Its technical experience has been in the field of proprietary information systems implementation since early 2002.

Started working on Microsoft projects in 2006 at Enablers, and in 2011 we managed to get a Microsoft Partner.

Enabling Professional Services started from CRM Version 3.0 and is now tailored to the latest versions and service updates.

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