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Microsoft Customer Career Training Solutions for Microsoft CRM


Possibility of setting up a club for concessions or discounts

Ability to define discount value or credit value

Ability to determine how to calculate points or discount credits

Ability to define points or discounts for various reasons (date of birth, date of marriage, etc.)

Ability to manage a variety of campaigns and promotions

Ability to define customer ratings based on points at a particular moment or period

Ability to define discount rates or credit ratings for specific customer groups

Ability to define decimal places to calculate minor points

Ability to define types of points spend

Accounting Points in V360 Client

Ability to define different levels of service for different customer ratings

Archive records and how to calculate customer scores

Customer classification by country, province, city, metropolitan area, street

Complete customer information definition

Ability to fully define and analyze customer information

Client Club Monitoring Dashboard

Dashboard monitoring customer value based on geographic information

Comprehensive customer information dashboard

Comprehensive Rial Client Information Dashboard

Client Monitoring Promotions and Campaigns Dashboard

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