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 CRM and ERP strategic consulting

Enabling Financial Accounting Solution Based on Microsoft CRM


Ability to define groups of accounts indefinitely

Unlimited definition of total accounts

The possibility of defining unlimited accounts

Unlimited ability to define detailed accounts

Ability to define unlimited groups of detailed accounts

Ability to define an unlimited group of floating accounts

Ability to define unlimited floating accounts

Ability to define a branch without limit

Ability to define and use default document descriptions

Ability to define document types

Process Accounting Document Management

Reporting of accounting documents

Newspaper office report

General Bureau Report, Modified Bureau Report

Detailed Office Report + Customer Account Card Report (Document Sheets, Treasury Sheets, Sales Sheets)

Report floating accounts

Balance sheet report 4 columns of accounts, total accounts, modal, detailed

Responding to the need for simultaneous registration and reporting with two types of accounting standards

Tax accounting report and presentation of value added report

Account Analysis by Group of Accounts, Total Accounts, Defined, Detailed

Tracking the amount of each heading at the total account level, at the specified level and at the detailed levels

Extract reports in formats (Excel, Word, XML, PDF

Determine the level of access for total, modal, detailed, floating and document accounts for different users

Ability to manage document audits (Document Changes Records)

Search for documents based on all the information contained in the document

Template document template definition for duplicate and duplicate documents

+ Dozens of potential possibilities in Microsoft CRM software

+ Plug-in and record automated accounting document from treasury, warehouse and sales system

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