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CRM and ERP strategic consulting

Microsoft CRM Enabled Warehousing Accounting Solution


Unlimited definition of goods in tree form

Definition of types of commodity units (primary and secondary)

Unlimited definition of warehouse and type of warehouse

Allocating goods to different warehouses

Receipt leaves a quantity warehouse and rials

Quantity and Rial Remittance Leaf (During Rial Operating Sheet)

Return on Purchase of Quantities and Rials (During Rial Operating Sheets)

Return on sales of quantities and rials

Transfer operations between warehouses in quantities

Process management of goods requests from the warehouse

Ability to submit quantitative and rial cardx report

Reports in Excel, Word, XML, PDF format

Determine access rights at the warehouse level and the warehouse sheets

Creating a comprehensive database of goods and defining the types of goods and setting up a detailed account for the goods

Dividing the goods into different groups

The use of sub units for each commodity and the ability to perform all operations by commodity sub units

Covering the entry and exit of goods in the accounting documents

Warehouse Document Management

Create a shipping document for all incoming and outgoing warehouse documents

Tracking a commodity on arrival and departure in stock according to the parameters of the commodity

Inventory Management and Re-order Reporting

Using Weighted Average and FIFO Pricing Methods in Warehouse Accounting

Ability to price documents and perform calculations automatically during document adjustment operations

Design and modify all required fields in the Warehouse Document Form to suit the user's needs

Inspection of goods before entering the warehouse on warehouse forms

+ Accounting Document Registration plugin based on warehouse tabs and automatic settings

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