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Foreign Trading Solution



 Foreign Trading Solution

Import management

Shipping documents
Get sample of goods
Cargo inspection
Getting a Pre-Factor from a Seller (ProVera Invis)
Management of customs tariff information and import conditions
Information on costs associated with importing goods
Order management at the Ministry of Commerce
Tracking and monitoring the correct and timely production of goods
Pre-shipment inspection
Funding for imports and final decisions on imports
Determining the method of payment of goods to seller (payment term)
Carriage of goods and modes of transport. (Delivery term)
Manage the permissions and standards required for import and agree to enforce standards with the vendor
Inquiry of technical specifications and price of goods after identifying manufacturer or seller
Deciding on the type, model and number of imported goods that can be calculated on the basis of the conditions of sale in the domestic market, the price of the finished product, the amount of demand at the time of sale, and other items.
From beginning to post clearance to calculate the actual cost of the goods and the final decision
Iran Receipt Management Standard Code and License if applicable
Manage the receipt of other necessary permits to import before the goods are imported from the relevant organizations
Payment Management and Payment (T / T or L / C or D / P form or other terms)
Calculate the actual cost of goods (the cost of goods in stock including all overhead costs)
Get discounts on the final deal on merchandise price and sales semester
Coordination for the carriage of goods
Draft control of shipping documents
Payment of the balance of goods with the agreed term (T / T method)
Receive original shipping documents from seller
Keep track of goods arriving at customs and receiving shipping documents and other documents
Receive foreign exchange documents
Receive inspection documents
Obtain the necessary permits from the relevant agencies to be obtained after the goods have arrived
Transit of goods to other customs if needed
Provide complete documentation and explanations to the discharge for discharge
Payment of duties and duties and other clearance-related costs
Shipment of goods to warehouse after clearance
Fulfillment of currency liabilities (currency supply) if applicable and tax liabilities (import tax) ...


 Foreign Trading Solution

Export Management

Marketing Management
Licensing Management
Manage export pricing by the rating commission
Issuance Management
Management of procurement, procurement and packaging
Manage receipt of goods inspection certificate
Invoice management and Certificate of Origin
Manage contract and insurance contracts
Manage customs declaration
Shipping Management
Manage deposit or certificate issuance

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