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 CRM and ERP strategic consulting

Microsoft Office CRM Enhanced Office Automation Solution


Defining Organizational Charts (Organization Chart)

Define users and workgroups in organizational chart format

Define public and private organization cards

In-company correspondence

Outsourcing Correspondence

Complete circulation of letters on corporate cards

Records of circulation of letters in the organization

Possibility of transcribing letters to the organization in an unlimited way and its circulation records

Printing letters on the organization's own letterhead

Automatically share mails with restricted access recipients

Manage different levels of access

Attach file types

Ability to take notes and determine the level of accessibility of notes

Ability to use notes as digital signatures

Visibility and lack of visibility of the recipient

Quick referral to previous transmitter

Ability to auto-number letters and add suffixes and prefixes to letter numbers

Record daily personnel reports

Task management in organization and workflow

Phone call management

Fax Management

Manage your appointment and organization calendar

Personnel and organization email management

Ability to monitor organization activities in the form of dashboards and interactive N surface charts and other features

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