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 CRM and ERP strategic consulting

Reservation Airlines Agencies & Enablers Client Club

Advantages of CRM and Customer Solution

Here are some of the advantages of MS CRM Reservation and Client Solutions at Tavana Sazan Company:


Change customer behavior in purchasing and replacing the lowest priced item

Quick access to comprehensive customer information and records

Using data mining to predict customer behavior and analyze purchases

Accurate customer ratings and analysis based on analytics

Reduce lost customers and encourage customers to repeat purchases (loyalty)

Speed up fine-tuning of print contracts with dynamic conditions

Mechanize and streamline internal business processes and reduce power

Quick access to all kinds of information needed by experts at the time of sale

Intelligent customer demand management and service planning

Achieve real statistical indicators of customer and business analysis

Managing and monitoring the quantitative and qualitative goals of the organization

Attach file types

- Forecasting and planning future sales using customer data analysis especially customer club members

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