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Components and skills needed to enhance business intelligence

In order for a business intelligence system to function properly, the relationships between individuals and information and the process of executing processes must be carefully considered when identifying situations on which information to provide. Business intelligence in the organization considers all users as well as the relationships between them so that the value chain of the firm is fully covered and a process is ignored. In order to execute any process of improvement in the organization, special skills of that process must be arranged, which is required for large processes such as business intelligence. Business skills range from business routines and communication to organizational strategy along with transformation processes, which are crucial in defining organizational policy. Information technology skills that technically help change management and support analytical methodologies should also be sufficient in the organization. Another skill, such as analytical skills, including summary analysis and exploration, is remarkably similar to other skills. These three types of skills have the potential of being a crossroads in some firms, which is precisely the center of business intelligence promotion, and increasingly There is, of course, more business intelligence in the organization, though smaller in business intelligence, but in some organizations operating on the islands, each of these skills is broad, but not overlapping, and of course, such schemes (intelligence). Business) There is no definition in these organizations, because it is the main condition Use of modern technology, business intelligence, working in a competitive environment Vshrkthayy island that act primarily in the environment can not Vardshvnd. The role of intelligence in businesses can be seen as follows: if an enterprise uses its data extraction, transfer and conversion technology in its infrastructure and transactional layers, providing business intelligence in data mining technology, as well as BI tools Based on information technology and customer orientation, intelligence will be effective in this business. If the BI platform uses standards, applications, strategies, operations, and analytics, intelligence is effective in this business. Intelligence takes the leverage role in business when performance is carefully evaluated and culture among users begins. Finally, to accomplish this goal, BI methodology and its skills must be deployed in the body of the organization. When an organization is geared towards the goals of globalization using virtualization and moving from physical buildings to the virtual arena, it can make the process of implementing processes within its organization as highly transparent and intelligent as possible, thus making it a competitive role. Compete with competitors

The Strategic Importance of Business Intelligence in Organizational Decision Making

The growth of an organization's decision-making is usually that the lowest level of an organization's business activities is the level of operations that is the high-cost process, often repeated in the lower ranks of the organization, usually dealing with a small amount of data. have. Decisions at these levels are often structured around issues and are made by lower level managers. The consequences of these decisions have short-term and micro-impacts on the organization. Customers, competitors, business partners, the business environment and internal staff are among the factors affecting the business intelligence of the organization. The tactical level in the organization is related to the operations performed in the area of ​​middle managers. These operations can include tracking down operations, how they are done, reporting and ultimately gathering useful data to make mid-term decisions for the organization. Decisions at this level are often semi-structured and mediated by middle managers, and ultimately the highest level of strategic decision-making is carried out by senior managers. This type of use is used frequently and over long periods, but may be associated with a high amount of information and processing. Decisions at these levels are often made in non-structured issues by senior managers and have long-term and major impacts on the way the organization moves. Applying business intelligence at the strategic level can be considered as a way to help increase the overall efficiency of the organization and optimize processes together. These systems focus on some important financial features and other important parameters to increase the efficiency of the organization. Obviously, the system at these levels must also include the external processes of the organization. The different characteristics of applications at different stages of the organization make the tools, techniques and infrastructure needed for each of them different. The use of more analytical and intelligent tools is at a high level, requiring high processing with a high degree of access to information at strategic and tactical levels rather than operational. The Business Intelligence Operations Division is primarily responsible for collecting and storing data in or on private databases.

What is Business Intelligence?

Storing, analyzing and providing efficient access to data warehouses to help organizations

Used to make the right decisions.

Data analysis includes:

The process of obtaining information from the database

BI Process in Organizations and Companies

Analysis and production of information

Planning and guidance

Information processing

Statistical analysis



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